Macro photography, even just close-up photography, is one of the most fascinating areas of our great hobby. What I enjoy and value most is the looking – looking at things we don’t usually get to see in such depth and the concentration that such looking brings with it. When we study something for the first time we look harder and notice more, and as we do that we need to record the process in our head so that we can apply it later to all the things we photograph – from people to landscapes. That study, that noticing, is what can make the difference between a good picture and an average one in all subject areas.


Samsung is lindly supporting us in this round, and has provided a 32GB Micro SD card, with SD adapter for the winner, and 8GB cards and adapters for the second and third places. Second and third places also get a Amateur Photographer Loves My Pictures mug.

This round has thrown up some great examples of seeing, and the images show us the minutiae and tiny detail we generally walk by and fail to notice. There are a great number of images in the shortlist that deserve a second look, but those I have selected for a special mention are by: Badgerman, RogerMac, Skiddawman, MartyG, IanJTurner, FuzzyLens, Vivid Blue, SUNSHINE and Taryn. Well done.


3rd place

AdrianSadlier – Evil in the Heart of Beauty

What an aptly titled image! This haunting alien bird sweeping from the skies to steal our children is quite a sight, and Adrian’s lighting and perspective perfectly deliver the menace he, I guess, intended. The colouration is powerful and adds to the weirdness of the beast, though the yellow slippers suggest he went out on his rampage without changing into his head-kicking boots!

This is a really well seen image, and while we’ve been sent plenty of orchids shot from frightening angle before Adrian’s is particularly well done. Great job.

2nd place

Atavar – Wisp Of Inspiration

Atavar has been particularly creative here and has worked to produce an image with a real difference. I’m guessing that the pen is submerged in water, and the ink is being allowed to escape in those whispy strings of curving black. It is a simple shot of a well observed situation, and I don’t know whether the idea came from something Atavar saw or dreamt up, but it works very well. It would have been tempting to turn up the contrast and make the shot more dramatic, but I like it with the wider range of mid tones and the softness they suggest as the ink gently bleeds into the water. A very clever shot.

1st place

Devon_Eric – Clematis Head

This is a pretty amazing shot. It’s a great subject, for sure, but as we all know that doesn’t make a picture on its own. It is a combination of great lighting, a good choice of background and that cool blue tone that really make the picture. It’s really rather good.

I’m pleased Devon_Eric didn’t decide to make the background completely black as that would have introduced a harshness to the image. Having that moderate grey works very nicely, providing just enough contrast to make the subject stand out, but without over doing the contrast to make the shot dramatic. The light from behind creates that bright furry edge, as well as the darkness in the core of the head, and that catch light on either side of the stem prevents it disappearing into the background.

A very worthy winner.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this round. There are some really excellent pictures and it has been a great pleasure to look through them.

There is still time to enter our August competition too.