A British start-up is using artificial intelligence to collect all of your images across the internet on a central storage unit.

The device is called Pholio and is shaped to look like a photo album but it is essentially a database to categorise personal photos, which you can then view on a tablet, computer or smartphone.

It automatically indexes them using artificial intelligence technology to sort them into searchable categories.

The device was designed to look like a photo album, Credit: Pholio

Pholio CEO Simon Randall said: “We set up Pholio after I realised that I simply couldn’t keep track of all the family photos that I have.  I have lived on both sides of the digital divide and can remember when photos were taken on film.

“There were far fewer of them and it was much easier to recall what you had stored.”

He added that Pholio was trained in a lab by showing it millions of images with a wide range of content and identifying search terms.

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Mr Randall added: “It’s like having a state of the art search engine for your family archives on your own shelves.”

It can run offline to allow users to look up 20,000 searchable terms. However, when searching online, the software can learn new search terms as you look them up.

You can uses search terms to navigate your photos, Credit: Pholio

The Pholio device can store 140,000 photographs, with a professional version increasing this capacity up to 560,000 images.

The company is currently being supported on Kickstarter. Pre-orders start on the crowdfunding website for £199, with the brand hoping to make the first deliveries in time for Christmas.

Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments below. Do you struggle to keep track of all your photographs? Do you prefer to have your personal photos in a physical photo album?