August 2015 Forum Competition – Coming to Life

August’s theme was ‘Coming to Life’. I wanted you to talk to someone you trust and get them to draw an image on a piece of paper. Then you had to go out and find that image in the real world.

August 2015 August Shortlist

August 2015 August Shortlist

This round was really about getting you to think creatively about how you can interpret ideas and realise them in the real world. You were free to be as fast and loose with your interpretations as you liked. Some of these were absolutely brilliant (LesleySM’s was fantastic, as was Miked’s) and I’m especially happy with the top three. Let’s see what they were.

August 2015 forum Goblin by Luisport

‘Goblin’ – Photo by Luisport

3rd Place
‘Goblin’ by Luisport

‘Goblin is one of my 3 year old kid’s favourite anti-heroes and it was also the answer to my question of what he drew today,’ says Luisport. ‘The shot was taken last year. Anyway, as it is from one of the wood bars from our fence so I didn’t think I would be cheating.’

The most obvious reference here is of a Rorschach test, otherwise known as the inkblot test, a device used to detect underlying (and perhaps abnormal) thinking processes in patients. I really like this image. As you can see, the image has been mirrored, in that the left side is flipped and reflected on the right side. This has given Luisport his representation of the character drawn by his son. It’s a great find.

August 2015 forum

Pony – Photo by Sadler2121

2nd Place
‘For the Love of Ponies’ by Sadler2121

Again we find an image inspired by the drawing of a child (you can always rely on kids to come up with something fun). This picture was the result of an image drawn by Sadler2121’s daughter who is apparently obsessed with My Little Pony. By way of tribute Sadler2121 has created this beautiful little homage by photographing one of the characters against a backdrop of blue bokeh. It’s enough to warm even the coldest, blackest heart (by which I mean mine)

August 2015 forum Saturn by Im1

‘Saturn’ – Photo by lm1

1st Place
‘Saturn’ by lm1

For sheer creative moxie I’m awarding first place to lm1’s shot of the planet Saturn. ‘Perhaps I should have explained to my other half why I needed him to draw a picture for me,’ says lm1. ‘He’s very into astronomy, so he drew Saturn! As I’ve never even managed to get a decent shot of the moon, I took a creative approach. This is a shot of a CD and an air freshener merged in Photoshop.’

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