Digital Splash – the north of England’s biggest photography and optics show – is back once again! Digital Splash 16 is the place to be for all photographers, from enthusiasts to professionals, to get hands-on with the latest equipment, seek expert advice, get inspired by talks and get involved in great workshops – not to mention grabbing special show offers. Some of the biggest names in photography will be giving talks about their latest work, how they get their shots and their passion for photography, so you can learn from some of the best in the business.

You can get involved before the show with the Digital Splash Awards photo competition, where you could win a share of £1,700 and have your image exhibited at the show.

Entry to Digital Splash 16 is £5 per person on the day, but it’s FREE if you register in advance. Registering also gets you a unique discount code for 25% off talks and workshops when booked in advance. Registration for free entry closes on Friday, 7 October, so don’t delay! Visit for more details.

Visit the show: The Digital Splash Photography Show will be held on 15 & 16 October 2016 at Exhibition Centre Liverpool, King’s Dock, L3 4BX. Opening times: 10-6pm daily. To enter the competition, register for tickets and find out more about the show, visit or telephone 01772 252188.

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Talks and workshops

Ross Grieveross-grieve

Award-winning New Zealand photographer Ross Grieve has spent 20 years developing his love for photography. From Sweden to Sydney, Ross has been working for clients such as Waldorf Astoria, RSA and Panasonic. A pioneer of 4K photography, Ross works both outdoors and from his studio in Pembrokeshire.

The Power of 4K Photography

Saturday 15 October, Focal Point Theatre, 12pm

As a 4K photography pioneer working with the technique for more than two years, Ross takes guests through how to shoot 4K across all aspects of photography – sports, commercial, food and studio. Find out how and why he uses 4K for his professional work.

Silent Street Photography

Saturday 15 October, Focal Point Theatre, 3pm

Everyone loves people watching, so it’s no surprise that street photography has been growing in popularity all around the world – it’s accessible to everyone and a great way to improve one’s photography skills. Ross teaches the techniques to improve street photography, including how to use 4K to get the most out of your shots.

Credit: Ross Grieve

Image by Ross Grieve


Michael Freemanmichaelfreemanhs

Michael Freeman is an award-winning editorial photographer. Author of best-selling photography book The Photographer’s Eye, which has sold over a million copies, Michael has spent much of his working life focused on Asia, from Thailand to Japan and China.

The Photographer’s Eye on Travel

Sunday 16 October, Aperture Theatre, 12.30pm

Now that everyone travels (or feels that they can) and everyone shoots, how do you stand out from the ocean of imagery? Michael explains how.

10 Ways to Make Your Photography More Creative

Sunday 16 October, Aperture Theatre, 3.30pm

Michael provides ten generally unexpected paths that you might not have considered to get your photography onto a meaningful creative track that will also help you develop a personal style of shooting.

Image credit: Michael Freeman

Image by Michael Freeman


Faye and Trevor Yerbury001-faye-yerbury

Faye and Trevor Yerbury are an award-winning team of portrait and fine-art nude photographers. They have exhibited around the world and have had their work featured in many magazines and books.

The Fine Art Nude

Sunday 16 October, Aperture Theatre, 11am

With more than 30 years’ experience, Faye and Trevor discuss their development, changing style and approach – as well as how to market and sell one’s work through the internet and physical galleries.

Portraits & Projects

Sunday 16 October, Aperture Theatre, 2pm

Faye and Trevor look at the importance of visual self-development by setting yourself a major project each year. The resulting work can have a direct influence of your portraiture both in the studio and on location.


Image by Faye and Trevor Yerbury


Kate Hopewell-Smithkhs-e1458215897624

Featured many times in Amateur Photographer, Kate Hopewell-Smith is a woman of many talents. A photographer, trainer and Nikon Ambassador, Kate is one of the most respected photographers in the industry. She runs a six-month mentoring scheme and group training seminars.

Kate Hopewell-Smith on Weddings

Saturday 15 October, Aperture Theatre, 12.30pm

Kate discusses how she works with natural light on location, when to add on-camera flash to improve poor light and the lighting techniques she uses when she has to fully light a wedding couple on their big day.

Kate Hopewell-Smith on Portraits

Saturday 15 October, Aperture Theatre, 3.30pm

In this talk, Kate shares five things that she says will help you create location portraits with impact. Find out how light, location, composition, posing and expression will help deliver consistently strong location portraits.


Image by Kate Hopewell-Smith


Jonathan Chritchleyjc-bio-800x800-72

One of the world’s foremost fine-art photographers, Jonathan Chritchley’s ocean-based mono work can be found in magazines and galleries around the world. He has worked for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hilton Internationals and British Airways. Jonathan was named one of the top 100 photographers of all time by The Sunday Times.

Forging Silver

Sunday 16 October, Focal Point Theatre, 10.30am

Jonathan runs through his journey to becoming one of the world’s most well-received photographers – from first influences to his first book.

Every Cloud…

Sunday 16 October, Focal Point Theatre, 1.30pm

Following on from Forging Silver (see above), the second talk by ocean photographer Jonathan focuses on his work in 2015, when he visited four continents in six months and worked with three of his photographic heroes, and goes on to reveal some exciting future projects.

Image credit: Jonathan Critchley

Image by Jonathan Critchley


Ann and Steve Toonbps08-steve-ann-tankwa-karoo

Ann and Steve have written several books, and lead workshops both in the UK and on safari in Africa. When not on reserve in Africa, Ann and Steve can be found roaming the wilds of Northumberland National Park.

Add Wow Factor to Your Wildlife Images

Saturday 15 October, Aperture Theatre, 11am

There are few shortcuts to capturing consistently great wildlife images – it takes preparation, patience and perspiration – but there are ways to add that winning bit of magic to your work. Ann and Steve reveal their tried-and-tested tips and techniques for success.

Eyes on the Wild

Saturday 15 October, Aperture Theatre, 2pm

Ann and Steve explain their mission to celebrate the beauty of the natural world through their cameras, and communicate its untold stories, which has taken them to some of the world’s photographic hotspots.

Image credit: Ann and Steve Toon

Image by Ann and Steve Toon


Tim Wallacetim-wallace-2015

Commercial advertising and car photographer Tim Wallace works with clients across the world, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes and Peugeot. His strong style of working and creative approach inspires not only his clients but also their customers – something that was recently acknowledged when he won International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year and Car Photographer of the Year.

Inspired Business

Saturday 15 October, Focal Point Theatre, 10.30am

Tim looks at the kind of work he built his business model on and then takes you through the processes of building up a photography business. He also looks at positioning yourself within your chosen industry. Visitors will learn to think laterally about their brand and direction, style of work and industry sector – and how to adapt your approach, depending on the client.

Building a Commercial Portfolio

Saturday 15 October, Focal Point Theatre, 1.30pm

Tim will be going through the lessons he has learned over the past ten years and also answering questions such as ‘Why should we only have one portfolio?’ He will demonstrate how he uses his own work effectively, and passes on some hints and tips on how to get your portfolio working for you.

Image credit: Tim Wallace

Image by Tim Wallace


Steve Bloomsteve-bloom-005071-sb1

Steve Bloom is a writer and photographic artist who specialises in evocative images of the living world. Born in South Africa, Steve first used a camera to document life in South Africa during the apartheid years. When he moved to England he co-founded one of London’s leading photographic special effects companies. He has won international awards for his work, as well as being published in numerous publications.

Living Africa

Sunday 16 October, Focal Point Theatre, 12pm and 3pm (same talk)

Join best-selling author and photographer Steve as he journeys through the essence and diversity of Africa. Hear the stories behind the creation of his books Living Africa, Elephant! and Trading Places: The Merchants of Nairobi. Steve shares with the audience this extraordinary continent: from the desert landscapes and dynamic wildlife to remote village life.

Image by Steve Bloom

Image by Steve Bloom