Free Essential Guide to Mastering
monochrome supplement with AP
dated 5 July 2014

The Art of Seeing
Discover how to make the jump from seeing in colour to visualising a scene in black & white

Decent Exposures
Avoid losing essential detail in your images as we explain how to correctly expose for mono images

Filters for Mono

On-camera filters still have plenty of fans, but can the same effect still be achieved in post-processing? We find out

High and Low-key Portraits
Unlock the two basic portrait lighting techniques that should be in everyone’s armoury

Black & White HDR

Used subtly, high dynamic range techniques can deliver impressive results, with plenty of flexibility for mono photographers

Mono Conversions

Shooting in raw means you can be just as creative in Lightroom as you could in the darkroom

Perfect Prints at Home

Nothing beats the tactile quality of a print you’ve made. Learn how to get the best quality from your home printer