Free Landscape supplement with
AP dated 29 March 2014

Essential equipment
As well as wideangle lenses and tripods, what else will you need when out shooting? We list the vital equipment for landscape photography

Planning and preparation
It pays to be prepared before you head out to your chosen venue. We look at planning and preparation before you step outside the door

How to… compose your images
Practical tips from award-winning landscape photographers

Software tips and techniques
Martin Evening reveals some clever Lightroom and Photoshop tricks that you can use to enhance your landscapes once you’re back home

Struggle is good!
Charlie Waite discusses the impulses and compulsion to make images

Anonymous landscapes
David Ward discusses how his approach to landscape photography has evolved and how he is now looking for the unusual in a scene

Shoot for yourself
Doug Chinnery explains how shooting for yourself and not worrying what others think will enable you to enjoy your photography much more