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Finding Faults

Camera collector and AP columnist Tony Kemplen explains how a second-hand camera’s faults and shortcomings can lead to a variety of creative possibilities

Buying and Selling

When buying or selling a second-hand camera, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best possible price. Nick Richens from London Camera Exchange, and Camera World’s Tony Stent offer their advice

Some Old Favourites

Industry experts across several brands share with us their cherished classic lenses

Box Cameras
Widely available but mostly set aside in the digital age, the humble box camera can be a fun way to refresh your hobby. Richard Sibley explain how to use them

How to Convert Film

A second-hand Box Brownie camera is easy to find, but the film is not. We show you how to convert common 120 film for use in a Six-20 Brownie

Last Generation
With most digital cameras updated every two years, the market for second-hand digital cameras is ballooning. Richard Sibley reveals the ten best deals to be had

Bargain Buys

Ivor Matanle suggests some great-value second-hand film cameras, while Ed Trzoska points out some of the problems to watch 
out for