Results June 2015 forum competition – Local Hero

For the June forum competition I wanted to get you thinking in quite experimental and unusual ways – you had a sliver of an idea and then you had to develop it. Some of you went with it; some of you didn’t. This is perhaps the lowest turn out we’ve had for a forum month, and that sorts of makes me proud. I have to take some good from it.

This month I wanted you to turn to page four of your local newspaper, identify the story with the least amount of coverage and go out and shoot something that represents that story. I have to say, the entries that were entered were pretty strong. Notable among them was ‘We Have to Decide’ by Luisport that illustrates a political discussion. I was also rather fond of lm1’s Postal No Go Zone, and image that was inspired by a story detailing postmen refusing to enter a rat-infested street.

As there were so few entries, it seems a little pointless doing a shortlist or a top three, so we’ll go straight into the winner.

June 2015 forum

Not just a voice in the crowd – Photo by LeslieSM

‘Not Just a Voice in the Crowd’ by LeslieSM

There’s a lot going on here that I like, but one thing that could have been slightly improved. We’ll get to that though. What I like is the look of bliss on this gentleman’s face. It’s not joy, or simple contentment. It’s something a little more transcendental than that. This is a guy in his element, who, as Leslie tells us, never once took his eyes off the stage. I know that feeling. I love going to see live music and sometimes you discover a band or artist who leaves you hypnotised. Leslie has caught a lovely moment here (actually this looks to be the one occasion he did in fact take his eyes off the stage).

I love the way he’s dressed, the black & white, the grain. Look to the background and you’ll get a sense of where this shot have been slightly improved. Leslie mentions in her explanatory copy that people clearly a lot younger than him surrounded the man. It would have been nice to see a little more of that. We’d get a clearer sense of the scene and the fact that this older gentleman stands out. That said, I like the way its been cropped and that would have been lost with a wider shot. I guess that makes my complaint a minor quibble. As it is, I really enjoy this and I can only aspire to be like cheeky chappy when I get older.

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