See what’s in Photo Technique Summer 2016

Photo Technique Summer 2016

Photo Technique Summer 2016


Photo Technique is a magazine created by photographers for photographers who want to refine their skills to take better images. Navigating your way through Photo Technique is easy because we’ve divided each genre into individual sections.

In this issue, we’ve got some great features lined-up for you. If you’ve ever been stuck for something to shoot, our big feature is for you. With a host of Weekend Projects, it’s packed with ideas and inspiration to get you out there with your camera, while Steve Gosling looks at how you can develop your own project to keep that momentum going.

That’s not all, as we’ve got plenty of other exciting techniques for you to try – from car photography to food, with landscapes, wildlife and portraits in between, we’re sure there’s plenty here to get you out and shooting. Enjoy the issue. Editor – Phil Hall

Photo Technique is available now for £3.99

Camera Skills

Master your camera and enhance the images you take

  • Weekend Projects Don’t get stuck for inspiration each weekend. We’ve got a whole year’s worth to keep you busy
  • Pick a project Setting yourself a project can be incredibly rewarding
  • Chasing cars You don’t need to own a supercar to shoot striking automotive shots


Shoot the land creatively

  • Avoiding the clichés How breaking the rules can result in strong images
  • Capture the moment Don’t shoot with any pre-conceived ideas
  • A personal approach Aim for images that emotionally connect with the landscape


Refine your skills for shooting out in the wild

  • Bird’s-eye view Make the most of the fabulous opportunities on your doorstep
  • Long-lens masterclass Overcome the challenges of shooting with a telephoto lens


Achieve stunning people shots

  • Telling tales Reveal insights into your subject’s character
  • Natural instinct However good your lighting gear is, nothing beats natural light

Still Life

Close and controlled

  • Food, glorious food You don’t need expensive gear to shoot great images of food

Image editing

Make the most of your images

  • A print legacy With an eye on the future and the probability of an all-digital legacy being lost forever, discover how to create a personalised bound portfolio
  • Creative Photoshop Discover how to produce a composite image using multiple images